Semalam Fahda tulis surat kepada mama.. heheee.. kelakar.. bunyinya mcm ni.

Kalao mama sayag Fahda mama patot belikan Hadiyah untuk Fahda, masa fahda pedi rumah wan..

Translationnya : ” Kalau mama sayang Fahda mama patut belikan hadiah untuk Fahda, masa fahda pergi rumah wan.. ” Oh noo.. now i know, all the while Fahda sebut pergi as PEDI… bnyk corrections ni.

Ceritanya sbb hari ni dia tersangat rajin buat homework, bnyk exercise yang dah siap, so dia minta mama belikan hadiah untuk dia. tp jangan tunjuk hadiah tu pd dia sekarang.. surprisekan dia dengan hadiah tu masa dia balik dari rumah Wan.. aduhai budak kecik ni… sbb saya pernah surprisekan dia dengan hadiah mcm ni, sebulan yang lalu.. alamak mintak lagi ke?

Anyway surat yang fahda tulis tu not bad. i think i should encourage her to start write a diary. Should i? Sebab now everynight sebelum tidur dia akan fikir balik ape yang menyeronokkan dia hari ini, she will say it it loudly one by one.. ikut turutan lagi tu.. kalau tak best, so obvious mcm moody aje. hehe.. i should teach her now, tonight. at least can improve her writing skills & she can express her feeling in her diary..

———- got this from internet.. so why waiting..? start now..!! ——

Improving Writing Skills

Importance of Daily Journals for all Children

© Jennifer Wagaman

Have children write in a journal each day to improve writing skills.

Getting a child to write may seem like torture. Many children simply do not like to write, for one reason or another. It may be extremely difficult for them to control the movement of the pencil on the paper, or maybe they cannot come up with anything to write about. Unfortunately for those children, the ability to write clearly and legibly is important and they need to learn. A great way to help improve a child’s writing skills is to have them keep a simple journal. This can begin as soon as a child can hold a pencil in one hand.

Picture Journals for Young Children

Young children who do not know their letters cannot write words or sentences but they can draw pictures. A class of preschoolers got excited one day because they “wrote” a Cinderella story. Parents had a simple folded picture book thrust into their hands and one after another each child read his or her story to smiling parents. The pictures were rudimentary and in some cases barely recognizable, but it was their story. This is where writing begins, one person expressing a thought or an idea on paper.

Words and Picture Journals for Children

As children learn their letters, encourage them to add first those individual letters and later words they know to their picture journal. This may start simply by signing their name at the bottom of each page, or having a string of random C’s and O’s strung across the lines. Children at this stage often love practicing their letters.

When children start asking how to spell words, use the opportunity to reinforce letter sounds. Ask them what sound it starts with, and help them sound out the word. Alternatively you can tell them to simply “write what it sounds like”. This is called inventive spelling, and as they learn more phonetic rules, help them learn the correct spelling rules for words.

When the children can write numbers, show them how to write the date. Get your calendar out and demonstrate how to find out what day it is, and how to write the month, day and year. Allow them to copy this information from your written example first, then as they better understand the concept, they can copy off of the calendar itself.

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