Things to do this weekend.

This is my goal for this weekend, to clear up my current filing system yang tak berapa ada system. After searching & reading all about home filing system in the net so i decided to use this system. more organize. So today will go to Tesco or Mydin to buy the filling file and cabinet.. (Cabinet?? or box to store the file..)

Look…. what i’ve found in the Net and this is really inspired me..!!

1. Filing System from Patia

Filing System
Filing System

I love my filing system. I have a folder for each month. All receipts and paperwork (except tax-related documents and other stuff that needs to be kept long-term) go in the folder for that month. After a year, when that month comes around again, last year’s receipts and paperwork get tossed.

The problem with most filing systems is that they don’t include a plan for purging. This system practically maintains itself! this is more important!!

2. Home Office – Organizing Consultant

Messy Drawer

Messy Drawer

Situation: Husband and wife frustrated because of a messy desk, the need for improved filing systems, defined storage space and accessibility for office supplies.

Organized Filing system

Organized Filing system

Solution: After the Initial Consultation, the clients were off to a great start by purging old files prior to the first working session. A filing system was subsequently defined that had 3 components:

1. Action Filing

2. Frequently Accessed Files

3. Permanent Filing.

The office supply storage cabinet (below) required more purging. The client kept only the supplies the family would use and donated the rest.

In my case may be i group it or (tag it ? emmm.. blog term… ) under resepi, Hari Raya, Monthly folder for bills (as Patia suggested), Income tax bill, Fahda, and so on… the list will go on. nope.. may be not more than 10 list ye..

good luck to me & happy working. Oh ya.. What is your filing system? mind to share?