Fahda will turn to 5 soon.. 26th October 2008. I got email from Fisher-Price Family newsletter which i subscribed since Fahda were borned.  So this is the nice things about her development.. it is 100% correct!

How your child plays now

  1. She draws recognizable pictures, prints her name, does elaborate puzzles, dresses herself.
  2. Her pictures are symbols of real things; she may draw a two-story house even if she lives in a flat.
  3. Her memory span expands and she begins to make comparisons.
  4. She gives reasons and solves problems.
  5. She can order some objects and sort items into simple categories.
  6. She may mimic your pose and copy your tone of voice.
  7. As she reaches school age, her friendships become firmer.
  8. Boys may begin to play in bigger groups than girls.
  9. She explains games to other children.
  10. She indicates to others when to “pretend” and when something is “real.”
  11. She should be able to complete an activity without waiting for direction.

Last nite she make origami of boat. after that she took one piece of small paper and draw a group of orang lidi.. so creative when she stick the small paper on the kapal. She take another big paper and tampal boat tu atas paper besar as a background. Tak cukup lagi tu… she put a glue behind the big background and tampalkan ke almari BABA… hahah.. masa tu baba tak de, bila baba balik ajer, terus dia cabut.. takut kena marah dgn baba.. 🙂 Tapi frankly speaking kalau baba nampak pun dia tak jadi nak marah…

my girl.. as always, i love u…