Try these ideas to strengthen the bond between parent and child:

Create your own mother-and-daughter tradition

Doing things together can create many happy memories for both parent and child. Plan an activity together, such as baking or taking the first morning walk of the year. Or sing your favourite song together – it can be fun. Make time for one another.

Write to each other

You can write, send sms-es or e-mail to your mother/daughter and let her know how you feel about her. If there is something you find hard to explain face to face, try writing or sending a message to clear the air. Good communication between parent and child can strengthen the relationship.

Be a friend to one another

You can still be a mother or a daughter to each other but you should try to treat her like a friend. My mother once told me that if we cannot get along as mother and daughter (during one of our disagreements), we should at least be a friend to one another. For most of us, we leave our worst behaviour for those who are closest to us. So if we treat each other like a friend, we may be more careful with our words and actions when we are angry with one another.

Share common interests or learn a new skill together

Those “mummy and me” classes should continue throughout the child’s life, from kindergarten to adulthood. Sign up for a class or two with your mother/daughter so that you can share a common interest. You may discover something new in the other person that you may not have noticed before.

Show appreciation

Say something nice or send flowers to your mother/daughter, not just on special occasions. Everyone likes to hear words of appreciation from her loved ones. Tell her that you love her and truly appreciate her for what she has done for you all these years.

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