Painless Tricks to Keep Your Brain Fit by John Fike

1. Play Strategy Games that require you to evaluate, plan and think several moves ahead and subsequently fully engage your brain. eg : Chess, Checkers, Go, Stratego, Risk

2. Engage Your Brain with Word and Number Puzzles – Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word searches and similar puzzles engage your brain in analysis and abstract thinking.

3. Get Out Your High School or College Math Books – Go through the problem sets and practice your numerical skills.

4. Play Scrabble and Boggle – These games require you to conceptualize and see solutions that are not obvious.

5. Learn a New Skill – Learning a skill will fully engages the brain and gives you a new tool to work with.

6. Read Non-Fiction Books – Non-fiction books cause you to analyze and evaluate and give you more information to remember.

7. Discover a New Hobby – Knitting, crochet, painting, drawing, rebuilding automobiles, collecting (anything), cabinet making . . . Any hobby engages the brain creatively and analytically. It’s also a great way to relax and get away from stress, so hobbies serve a dual purpose.

8. Build Something – It could be a plastic model from the store, a piece of furniture or a house. Numerous mental skills, including creativity, are employed when building something.

9. Get Plenty of Sleep – Just as muscles need rest to grow and repair damage from exercise, so does your brain and CNS. Without sleep, your mind gets befuddled and your nerves get frazzled.

10. Do Things with Your Eyes Closed – Most of us take sight for granted. Closing your eyes trains the CNS to rely on other senses and requires the brain to analyze information in a new context.

11. Memorize Something

12. Change Your Routine – Do something out of the ordinary to wake up your mind.